Wildlife Division:

Established by an Act of Parliament No. 21 of 1978, Tanzania Wildlife Protection Fund (TWPF) avails funds for conservation activities in and outside protected areas. These activities include but not limited to:-

  • Ant poaching and law enforcement.
  • Development Projects.
  • Applied research on biodiversity conservation and environmental protection.
  • Conservation Education programmes conducted by Malihai Clubs of Tanzania.
  • Training of wildlife manpower

The support is also extended to wildlife training institutions such as Pasiansi wildlife training institute and College of African Wildlife Management – Mweka.

These activities demand enormous funds which TWPF cannot raise alone. Therefore donations from individuals, private firms, Government and Non Government Organization are most welcome. Your donation, be it monetary or material will be a milestone in furthering conservation endeavors in Tanzania.

The list of Donors will be published in our quarterly Tanzania Wildlife/Kakakuona magazines.

Donors may advise on the programmes and projects they wish to support.

Administrative Secretary
Tanzania Wildlife Protection Fund
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