Wildlife Division: Functions and Mandates of the Wildlife Sector

Functions and Mandates of the Wildlife Sector

Functions of the wildlife sector


  • Administration and regulation of wildlife and wetlands laws,
  • Formulation of sound Policy, strategies and programmes for policy implementation
  • Issue and administer all types of wildlife resources user rights and trading licenses
  • Administer management plans for Wildlife PAs and Ramsar sites.

Facilitation and coordination

  • Coordinate and monitor policy implementation and give due recognition to operations of other sectors policies
  • Promotion of participation of stakeholders in conservation and sustainable utilization of wildlife and wetland resources,
  • Promotion of wildlife and wetlands resources for economic development, and
  • Promotion of information sharing and exchange of expertise nationally, regionally and internationally.

Service provider

  • Provide technical know how to stakeholders
  • Provide professional standards in conservation


Administratively the wildlife sector has divided its mandates into Central and Local Governments. The Central Government includes ministries, executive agencies, NCAA, TANAPA Parastatal organization and independent departments, while the Local Government includes District Councils, Wards and Village Councils. The role of Central Governments is to provide clear national policy and regulatory framework stimulate and promote participation of various stakeholders in the implementation of policy, manage core wildlife protected areas and providing professional standards and technical assistance in conservation and utilization of resources.


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