Wildlife and Wetlands Research and monitoring are fundamental part of wildlife management and development. Inadequate communication and funding have resulted into under-utilization of research information.

Wildlife Division is committed to strengthen research capabilities and maintain the wildlife and wetland databases so as to ensure that they contribute significantly to improving management and conservation of wildlife and wetlands resources.

Research on wildlife and wetland issues in and outside protected areas is aimed at improving understanding of the complex systems, ecological, economic and social aspects, for which Wildlife Division is responsible.

The goal behind the Research is the provision of relevant, accurate and timely information for planning, decision-making and evaluation in conservation of biodiversity and sustainable management of wildlife and wetland resources.

Recognizing the importance of research in the development of the wildlife and wetland resources in the country, the Government of the United Republic of Tanzania established a research institution Tanzania Wildlife Research Institute (TAWIRI) to carry out and co-ordinate wildlife research. TAWIRI is also CITES Scientific Authority which provide technical and scientific advice to the Management Authorities (Wildlife Division) TANAPA and NCAA on conservation and utilization of wildlife related resources.

  1. Current research priorities focus on broad areas including
  2.  Assessment of best practices in combating poaching in Tanzania.
  3. Assessment of the potential significant impact of mining (Oil, gas, uranium) to the conservation of wildlife resources in Selous Game Reserve.
  4. Mitigation measures of problem and dangerous wildlife animals in adjacent areas.
  5. Impact of revenue 25% contribution ploughed back to the communities. 
  6. Assessment of potential wildlife corridors in Tanzania.
  7. Population status of sitatunga in western Tanzania.
  8. Impact of invasive alien plant species to the Game Reserves in Tanzania.

For guidelines to conduct wildlife Research in Tanzania visit: Tanzania Wildlife Research Institute (TAWIRI). Put TAWIRI’S website, Logo  address, fax, telephone and e-mail.

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