Institute of Wildlife Management - Pansiasi


The Pasiansi Wildlife Training institute is located on a plot of 10.6 hectares within Mwanza City.  It is 5 km. from the city center along the road to the Airport.

Background and Setting

Pasiansi Wildlife Training Institute (PWMTI) was established in 1966 as a game scouts training centre. By then, the name of the Institute was Natural Resources Institute (NRI). The overall objective of establishing NRI was to provide training services to game scouts for the Game Department of Tanzania. 

Up to mid 1970’s, the basic roles of game scouts were to control problem animals and undertake anti poaching activities.  The responsibilities of a game scout kept on changing with time to keep pace with the changing objectives of wildlife conservation and protected area management requirements. This necessitated the adjustment of its curriculum to keep up with the changes of responsibilities of the game scout. In general, the courses covered training in basics of wildlife management, natural history and handling of different types of weapons.

In 1987, the Institute made a major curriculum review and its name changed to Pasiansi Wildlife Training Institute (PWMTI). Another curriculum review was done in 1996. During the review, skills, knowledge and attitudes necessary for game scouts to perform their tasks in the field effectively were identified. Accordingly, subjects that were required to be taught to cover the required skills, knowledge and attitudes were determined. The academic capacity of the institute was improved by recruiting graduates from universities who were later trained in teaching methodologies.
Currently, training is offered in one year modular and short courses to operational level personnel from Wildlife Division (WD), Tanzania National Parks (TANAPA), Ngorongoro Conservation Area Authority (NCAA), District Councils, Village Governments, Private companies and individuals, and other agencies dealing in conservation of natural resources.

Vision and Mission


The vision of Pasiansi Wildlife Training Institute (PWMTI) is to be the leader in providing appropriate training in sustainable management of natural and cultural resources and tourism.


The mission of PWMTI is to provide proper training in sustainable management of natural and cultural resources and tourism through the following functions:-

  1. To facilitate practical training in the fundamentals of sustainable management of natural and cultural resources and tourism.
  2. To instil paramilitary disciplinary code of conduct.
  3. To develop curricula that take into account the training needs of stakeholders and
  4. To provide consultancy services to the public


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