Information and Statistics

The Wildlife Division is committed to strengthen availability and reliability of statistical information so as to ensure that they contribute to improving management and conservation of wildlife.

Statistics and Information available includes:

  1. Revenue collection from
  2. Contribution of revenue accrued from Tourist hunting and photographic  tourism to district council and WMAs
  3. Hunting clients and observers from different countries
  4. Hunting companies
  5. Hunting Blocks and their locations
  6. Quota allocation for hunting
  7. Quota allocation for live animal trade
  8. Number of animal hunted and exported
  9. Safari package
  10. Basic fee for Tourist Hunting
  11. Game fee
  12. Basic fee for photographic tourism
  13. Photographic Operating companies
  14. Number of lodges/Tented camps in Game Reserve and Open area/Game Controlled Area
  15. Number of photographic tourist
  16. Number of Wildlife Farms, Zoo and Game Sanctuary
  17. Number of trophy dealer license
  18. District conducting local hunting
  19. Number of poachers apprehended
  20. Number of fire arms confiscated
  21. Problem animals
    • Consolation to victims
    • Number of people killed/injured
    •  Acre of damaged crops
    • Number of animal Killed
  22. Protected areas