Law Enforcement

Law Enforcement operations improve conservation of wildlife species inside and outside protected area Rangers in special operationand creates enabling environment conducive for investment in protected areas which in turn enhances sustainable conservation of wildlife.

In the late 1970s, Tanzania experienced an increase in demand for wild meat and other trophies such as ivory and rhino horn which lead to rampant poaching and threatened the survival of some animal species such as rhinoceros and elephant.

Wildlife Division has put in place proactive, preventive and reactive measures to enhance the safety of wildlife. In 1978 following the amendment of the Wildlife Conservation Act (WCA) NO 12 of 1974, the Government established Protection unit to combat poaching. The administration and functions of the unit are vested in the Director of Wildlife.

The unit is currently organized in eight zones namely Arusha, Bunda, Dar-es Salaam, Iringa, Mwanza, Songea, Manyoni and Tabora.The core functions of the unit are protection of wildlife against unlawful hunters and generally enforcement of provisions of the WCA NO.5 of 2009 relating to hunting, capturing photographing safaris and secure of trophies. Along side with the Unit, Tanzania Wildlife Fund (TWPF) was established for supporting activities of the Unit.